Agile PLM

This is how we work

Agile Project Lifecycle Management

is the optimal method for process management during software development. Combined with 

SCRUM methodologies

, that means you’re a part of the process: it’s easier to keep an eye on the project and evaluate output.
SCRUM Process DiagramSCRUM Process Diagram


Agile methodology

encompasses everything that needs to be done on each step of a project

SCRUM methodology

By working with us you get all the advantages of Agile SCRUM management. This model allows the Product Owner (PO) to work in a process-driven framework with the Scrum Master (PM) and development team members (developers, programmers, testers, designers). The PO has constant access every step of the way and can arrange changes at certain points to ensure that the project is going in the right direction.


The main focus of the SCRUM process is to ship software that responds to needs of the client’s target group. By constantly improving our workflow, we made sure that the time required for testing and documenting is as short as possible. Furthermore, bugs are fixed right away so the PO can adjust the budget according to the project's stage.


SCRUM means working in iterations called sprints. At the end of every sprint, the Scrum Master meets with his team to sum up any completed work and plan out upcoming tasks. After every sprint the team delivers a fully functional and updated product version.

Project management

We have adopted remote-friendly project management practices, so we can effectively work with foreign clients while staying in our office in Wroclaw, Poland.

Multilingual staff

We speak English, German, Spanish and Polish

Dedicated account manager

To take care of all your needs

Certified experts

SCRUM masters, developers


You are always up-to-date

Remote-friendly communication

Slack, e-mail, phone, skype, livechat


Agile-oriented workflow

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