5 Technology Trends Moving into 2021


What will technology trends dominate in 2021? We prepared statement of 5 the most popular, latest trends in business e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Agile Methodology. Read our article and know more about it!

2020 has been a year of significant change. Although we thought we were used to dynamically changing conditions, especially in the new technology sector and the digitalization of business, the global situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to be even more flexible. What will the new year bring? What will technology trends dominate in 2021?

Latest technology trends – how have they been affected by the pandemic?

The past year has marked out areas in the functioning and development of many spheres of the economy whose growth has become an absolute priority. It also revealed several shortcomings in technologies that many specialists believed worked without any problems. Challenges connected with everyday life organization have translated into intensified work in laboratories, research or technology centers and has also pointed to new development directions.

Not only have customers’ purchasing patterns and choices changed in the face of the introduced restrictions, but also greater attention has been paid to the opportunities offered by the digitalization. To survive this difficult time, many entrepreneurs were forced to verify their goals and long-term development plans. One of the critical elements that facilitate and accelerates the process of change is technology.

By moving business online or expanding channels to include the Internet, many companies have managed to maintain their market position. The key to success has been, and probably will continue to be in 2021, a focus on the usability aspect of technology – whether in digital product development, data analysis, software outsourcing services or mobile app development.

Technology trends in 2021 – Artificial intelligence (AI) in business development

Artificial intelligence is one of the key technology trends for 2021. As experts point out, it will become an even more valuable tool to interpret and understand the world around us. This applies not only to the issue of fighting with pandemic but also to business development. Without AI engineering, most organizations will not be able to take projects from proof of concept and prototypes to full-scale production.

Artificial intelligence in business development trends

Understanding changing customer behavior patterns will also be a challenge for the business sector. This applies to shopping and social or virtual work environments, sales meetings, negotiations, or recruitment. In 2021, we can expect the AI-based tools we use to analyses the behavioral changes to become more sophisticated and better suited to an increasing number of organizations’ budgets and requirements.

Applications and mobile solutions to improve business flexibility and agility

In the early days of the pandemic, unpredictable changes forced companies to be able to adapt quickly. Cloud and mobile solutions were essential tools that made this possible. Home office mode forced the need for solutions to enable remote teamwork, efficient project management. On the other hand, it was crucial to reach customers with the offer.

The year 2021 will force IT, teams, to be even more flexible. Using solutions that provide insight into IT infrastructure will allow them to move from monitoring everything to monitoring only vital data. As the transformation continues, insight and automation will become the foundation for future growth, competitive capability, and industry resilience. This applies to digital product development, including mobile apps and the ability to build modern developer teams.

Smart technologies and mobile applications to increase customers’ satisfaction

In 2021, we will see a considerable increase in the popularity of smart and mobile solutions. Today, mobile apps can be used to shop, transfer money, work, study or take care of our health. Private and public sector organizations will also use mobile apps to connect with users, speed things up or monitor social trends. Most technology trends in business processes will also application-based. The most advanced of these will allow you to establish personalized relationships with customers, automate service or present products in a virtual world. To do this, future technology trends will need to focus on turning data into valuable business information.

Agile management and use of software outsourcing services

As we have already mentioned, a flexible approach to work and project management will be in top technology trends 2021 (Read our article about Agile SCRUM methodology). The experience of 2020 has shown that the ability to adapt quickly to the prevailing economic conditions is crucial. Hence, companies will increasingly want to outsource services in software development, digitization or access to high-class specialists.

Agile Methodology as Future Trend in Technology

They will also rely on modern solutions, such as mobile applications, which will allow them to have quick and direct contact with customers, regardless of the prevailing social restrictions and further development of the pandemic.


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