Offline-ready mobile app for construction site management

Transforming on-site collaboration with an innovative solution from the ConTech industry.

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Offline-ready mobile app for construction site management by zaven


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The primary objective was to develop a mobile application suite that enables construction site managers and workers to manage projects more efficiently. This suite aims to enhance usability, provide robust offline capabilities, and integrate advanced features tailored to the construction industry, ensuring optimal site operation and management.


The project faced several key challenges: developing an intuitive and accessible user interface suitable for construction professionals of varying tech expertise, ensuring consistent performance across multiple platforms (Android, iOS, web), integrating reliable offline functionality for use in areas with poor connectivity, and embedding advanced features such as customizable forms, detailed geolocation tools, and sophisticated document viewing capabilities.


The solution involved creating a user-centric mobile application that leverages native development for optimal performance across different devices and operating systems. The app includes strong offline functionality with local storage and data syncing mechanisms, ensuring that users can capture and access data without constant internet connectivity. The application also features a seamless integration of construction-specific tools like BIM viewers, digital forms, and geolocation for site check-ins and photographic evidence logging.


The mobile application significantly empowered field teams by making digital tools readily accessible and easy to use on construction sites. This led to a reduction in data entry errors, more efficient project management, faster completion rates and robust photographic evidence log. The application also standardized communication processes and provided real-time updates and insights, enhancing decision-making and collaboration across teams. Future-proofing was ensured with continuous updates and feature enhancements, keeping the app relevant and effective in the evolving construction landscape.

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Android Mobile, Documents Bim
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Android Mobile, Worklogs
Android Mobile, Worklogs
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It's so easy to find what you want when need it, we even have a 73 year old site manager using the phone app. It completely changed our ability to manage project to be as efficient and error-free as possible.

Fonn Customer


Fonn (Norway)

Fonn offers user-friendly project management software tailored specifically for the construction industry. The platform centralizes drawing storage, progress tracking, on-site communication, and off-site monitoring, providing a unified tool for both field and office teams. Praised for its simplicity and efficiency, Fonn streamlines collaboration, enhancing productivity, and reducing errors, and caters to a diverse clientele including Commercial GCs, Residential Builders, Developers, and Architects and Engineers.

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