Window ordering platform for MTO manufacturing

Retrofitting legacy "made-to-order" software through a modern scalable and cloud-ready web application.

12 months
Team size
5 people
Window ordering platform for MTO manufacturing by zaven


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Provide multi-tenant scalability on a single environment, while retrofitting into legacy MTO (make-to-order) systems.


In order for customers to migrate to the new version, we had to assure exactly the same ordering output as the previous system, while providing a completely revamped UX and UI. This was very critical, as we were integrating with a legacy on-prem system (CalWin) through a custom intermediary bridge.

To reduce maintenance costs and scaling limitations, the new version needed to support multiple tenants with proper isolation (custom domains, styling, configuration) on a single cloud production environment.

Lastly, to keep costs reasonable, we were looking to reuse a pre-existing advanced product configurator developer by the client for previous versions.


To avoid "big bang development", we introduced CI and CD processess to integrate and test frequently in small increments, to ensure 1:1 results with the previous system.

Since day 1, all tenant configuration was enforced through the system (without the use of tenant-specific conditional code or feature flags), which kept maintenance and devops work at a minimum.

Any reused code was encapsulate and embedded as aseparate external apps through APIs, to separate concers, keep the code clean and reduce security risks.


The new solution leveraged all the great things that were present in the previous version: full integration with CalWin (the leading window manufacturing software), advanced product configuration, price calculations, ERP-provided delivery times.

At the same time, Octaos Sales enabled much better better business scalability: deep tenant-based branding of UI, emails and documents, advanced access roles and permission schemes, banner and content pages for in-app marketing, full API to support external integrations and even an internal CMS for custom pages.

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Frequent deployments in small increments were the only way to ensure quotes were calculated exactly as in previous versions.


Octaos (Norway)

Octaos is a cutting-edge company that specializes in digitizing the window and door industry by providing online design and price calculation tools. They offer a range of products such as the Octaos Sales, CRM, and Forms, as well as integration with the leading Scandinavian ERP-system for windows and doors, CalWin. With over two decades of industry experience, Octaos aims to help businesses enhance their digital processes, improve communication, and boost sales efficiency.

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