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The quality of an app is more than the sum of its parts. The same goes for a great team. Our team of highly qualified programmers, analysts, designers and managers works hard to create useful and attractive software and to build long-term business relationships in our unique and innovative ecosystem.

Rafał Winnik


Arthur Krupa


Krystian Papier

Software Developer

Paweł Kuźniak

Technical Business Analyst

Maciej Starościak

Software Developer

Michał Zawadzki

Software Developer

Ewelina Hyrczak

Office Manager

Damian Świątek

Software Developer

Jakub Chmiel

Software Developer

Jakub Różbicki

Software Developer

Adrianna Warczak

Front-end Developer

Marta Morkowska

Head of Recruitment

Michał Kajzer

.Net Developer

Szymon Sobieszczański

.Net Developer

Wojciech Hnatiuk

Software Tester

Emilian Gorczyca

Business Development Specialist

Tomasz Urbaniak

.Net Developer

Bartosz Gasztych

Flutter Developer

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