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    Do you transfer copyrights to clients?

    Of course. All rights are transferred to the client after project sign-off.
  • 2

    How can I supervise your work?

    First, we arrange online meetings, during which we work out all project details and stages. Secondly, there will be an English-speaking manager available for you. Furthermore, we use issue-tracking tools like Targetprocess so you can keep an eye on all tasks. We believe that transparency is a key factor to success.
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    Do you offer any guarantees?

    Yes. We provide a number of choices in this matter depending on your needs and the complexity of the project.
  • 4

    Can I negotiate terms and conditions?

    Yes. We know that every startup is different and that they function in particular business environments. We are open-minded and eager to hear any suggestions.
  • 5

    Is it possible for other developers to continue the project you started?

    Certainly. Our code is transparent and well documented, which enables our clients to continue their projects without any problems whatsoever.
  • 6

    What is the cost of a web or mobile application?

    The cost of an application depends on a number of factors that may or may not occur in a project. The price for an MVP will be different than a single-use promo web app. Additionally, custom features can also change the final cost. However, at the beginning of every project we work closely with clients to determine requirements and to estimate costs. This helps in planning out tasks, improves communication and allows us to work cost-effectively.
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    Do you have any English- or German-speaking employees?

    Absolutely. The vast majority of our staff knows English. If you are from a German-speaking country, we’re up to the task.
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    What is SCRUM Agile methodology?

    SCRUM is a platform for the methodology of agile project management, which is based on high quality practices used in software development. The Project owner receives progress reports and can modify the requirements at determined points. He/she has access to issue tracking software which allows supervision of the work being done.
  • 9

    How can we communicate during the project?

    For your convenience we can communicate via phone, email, Skype or live chat.
  • 10

    What kind of specialists work at Zaven?

    At our company you can find a whole range of specialists from: junior/senior developers, business analysts, QA testers, scrum masters, project managers, UX/UI specialists, designers, business development managers to financial and administration experts.
  • 11

    Is your team qualified?

    At Zaven we take pride in recruiting the best which has allowed us to create a team of highly qualified specialists. Furthermore, our English-speaking employees have experience in managing offshore projects and they guarantee excellent communication. Most of our team members are certified programmers and have earned degrees at top Polish universities. Nevertheless, we know that for a successful project technical knowledge is not enough. This is why we also train our staff in soft skills.
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    What financial model do you use?

    We prefer the Time & Materials financial model because it is beneficial for both parties – it means a stable workflow for us and better time/cost control for the client, plus the possibility to pay in convenient instalments.
  • 13

    I put great emphasis on end-product quality. How can ensure that the application will meet high standards?

    In our work we highly value and make use of processes that guarantee excellent quality for the software being developed. Moreover, testers work with developers during various parts of the project. We know how important it is for the product to be rigid and friendly, so we use diverse testing methods. This helps us to create a high class code and design. Another great thing is that, thanks to the Agile process, the Product owner can oversee the project every step of the way.
  • 14

    How quickly can you deliver an MVP for a startup?

    We have a dedicated team that specializes in creating MVPs. The average development time is 12 weeks, but the duration depends heavily on specs. Nevertheless, we work fast.
  • 15

    What kind of contracts will apply during the project?

    Normally we would sign an NDA and a financial contract that will determine all the details, arrangements and conditions. An IP-contract can also be signed to ensure copyright transfers after finished project parts.
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    Do you provide after-sales services?

    Yes, we support our applications in terms of IT and design.
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