3 steps to choose a software development company

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Do you have a new business idea for a profitable web or mobile application only needing a qualified team to make it happen? If that is the case, this checklist is for you! Keep on reading and learn how to find the right software development company.

If you want to achieve your business goals with user-friendly and effective applications, you need to find a software development team that can create high-end and visually appealing solutions that users will love.

To do that, you need a whole range of specialists from UX/UI designer and software developers to project managers, business analysts, QA testers and financial experts. All of these specialists are available in top custom software development companies like Zaven. You only need to find the best partner to work with.

How to choose a software development company?

1. Compare IT outsourcing processes to your requirements

At the beginning of every IT project, a software team should work closely with its client to define the client’s requirements and to estimate costs. This process will help everyone to work cost-effectively in the future, plan tasks and improves communication.

“The cost of a mobile or web application depends on a number of factors like required functions and additional custom features and technologies that are to be used in the project.” – Piotr Hyrczak, Co-Founder at Zaven. For example, the price for an MVP will be different than a single-use promo app.

Software development companies often use the Time & Materials financial model because it benefits both sides. On the one hand: better time and cost control for the client, plus the possibility to pay in convenient installments. On the other hand, this model offers a stable workflow for the team.

how to choose a software development company

Software development companies normally sign an NDA and a financial contract that precisely spells out all the details, conditions and arrangements. Sometimes, an IP-contract is also signed to govern copyright transfers as stages of a project are completed.

A lot of software houses work using the SCRUM Agile methodology, which is based on the best practices used in software development. What is the greatest advantage of developing mobile or web software for the client in this way? The process is transparent: the project owner (client) has access to issue-tracking tools which allow for the supervision of the work being done. Moreover, the client receives progress reports on a regular basis and can modify their requirements at determined points. Thanks to that, the project can be overseen every step of the way during its IT outsourcing process.

choosing a software development company

2. Check the quality of the software development company

Ensure that the application will meet high standards by hiring a software house which offers the services of many kinds of specialists:

  • Designers and UX/UI experts
  • Junior and senior developers
  • Project managers and scrum masters
  • Quality Assurance Testers

The effective teamwork of all these highly qualified experts during the various stages of a project, guarantee excellent quality for the software. “We use diverse testing methods because we know how important it is for the product to be user-friendly and rigid. This helps us to create an impressive design and high-class code.” – Konrad Mielczarek, Software Tester at Zaven.

steps to choose a software development company

When making a checklist for “how to choose a software development company”, code transparency cannot be missed out. Every software house should care about the code. It should be clear, transparent and well-documented, enabling the client to continue mobile or web development projects without any problem.

Check if the software development company provides after-sales services and supports applications in terms of IT and design.

3. Pay attention to communication with the software house

Effective communication is one of the most important factors during the software development process. Ensure that the software development company has English-speaking employees and can communicate with you via phone, email, Skype or live chat (as you prefer).

First, we always arrange online or off-line meetings, during which we work out all project details and stages. Secondly, there is always an English-speaking manager available for the client at every step of the project. Furthermore, the vast majority of our programmers know English so they can communicate with the client directly.” – Paulina Zygler, Zaven Project Manager.

These are the 3 steps to choosing a software development company that we find most important:

  1. Compare IT outsourcing processes to your requirements
  2. Check the quality of the software development company
  3. Pay attention to communication with the software house

We hope that now it will be easier to find a great software team to cooperate with and turn your business idea into a profitable web or mobile application!

There are a lot of software development company lists that you can check too.

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