Before choosing a Software Outsourcing Partner: why not Poland?

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by Małgorzata Litwin

Highly specialized developers, no language and cultural barriers, and beneficial tax regimen. These are just some factors that make Poland one out of 10 most frequently chosen countries when it comes to IT outsourcing services providers.

Firstly: Qualified specialists

Annually, Poland upskills over 77 thousand technical graduates and a similar number of economics ones. The main foreign language that IT specialists are using is English. Next are: German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. In the biggest IT outsourcing centres in Poland, there are over 20 different foreign languages that are in use. That makes the language barrier practically disappearing.

A great preparation of Polish IT graduates arouses a worldwide respect. And all that thanks to universities and big IT companies (e.g.: IBM, Tieto, Nokia Networks, Motorola Solutions, ING Services, Cisco, Comarch or Asseco) which have created special programs for students. Polish programmers are no sloughs when it comes to exhibiting their outstanding skills in technical problems solving or abstract thinking. They also have a great knowledge when it comes to IT tools and state-of-art technology. What’s more, they are as proficient in Agile language as they are in their mother language.

Software Outsourcing Partner

Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Source:

Furthermore, fond of foreign startups is really common among software developers in Poland, e.g. apps like Spotify, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Slack and so forth are constantly used in Poland.

Secondly: Familiar processes

Western entrepreneurs, which have never outsourced to Poland before, will be really content with the fact that the processes of software development are practically the same as they are in their countries. Polish software development houses support most of the business models chosen by foreign companies. E.g. fixed-price and Time&Materials contracts, or Dedicated Development Centre (DDC). And still, they remain to be flexible and skilfully choose the right business model for any project profile – we owe it to our experienced business analysts and managers which are familiarized with startups.

As an example, at our company, Zaven – Software Development Poland, the choice of specialists for a dedicated team is always done in consultation with a client. Then she/he has a real impact on who will be in his/her team, and the assurance that the selected talents have the appropriate skills, both managerial and programming.

Also, technologies which polish programmer are specialized in, are the most desirable ones, especially when it comes to innovative projects, like: Java/JEE, ASP.NET, c#, C/C++, mobile development, Python, JavaScript. What’s more, mostly they work in Agile SCRUM methodology. More about budgeting in SCRUM can be found here.

Thirdly: Business without barriers

Poland receives grants from EU, thanks to that Polish standards don’t diverge much from the western ones. And in addition, Poles are implementing privileges for companies outsourcing to Poland. We can mention here the absence of reverse charge and other similar legislation to protect personal data.

IT outsourcing

No cultural, historical or geographical barriers make it easy to get along on any level, technical or ideological. Simple rules of business cooperation, transparent legal system and similarity to European norms and customs are pros of Poland. In contrast to other markets, like Chinese or Indian ones, in Poland foreign entrepreneur doesn’t have to open their own branch or send over a manager to successfully outsource software.

There are many centres bringing together plenty of talents in the field of programming. We work in Wroclaw, one of the biggest cities in Poland, with modern offices, a large number of agencies in fields like BPO/SSC/IOT/R&D and a huge amount of highly experienced professionals who know foreign languages perfectly. Wroclaw is the city of great universities, with access to an airport which has excellent flight connections with the biggest cities around the world.

Software Development Poland

Wrocław, Source:

That’s why Polish software development companies are listed in the top 10 outsourcing destinations for IT products (A.T. Kearney). Even though IT outsourcing is beneficial for startups and SMBs.  Mostly international companies choose Poland as a place of a capital investment (NBP). These include: IBM, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, HP, Credit Suisse, Ryanair, Google, Software AG, Oracle, Opera, Kainos, Epicor Software Corporation, Dell, JDA Software Group, Siemens, Tieto.

Additionally, throughout the whole country, there are about 30 clusters connecting the best IT companies, startups, innovative entrepreneurs, public institutions, and centres of scientific researches. E.g: ECDF mKlaster, INTERIZON – Pomeranian ICT Cluster, MultiCluster, Śląsk Klaster ITC and Multimediów HubClub.

Are you looking for an outsourcing partner who will understand your requirements? Someone who will according to your idea create a functional, profitable mobile or web app? After reading this article, you don’t have to wonder any longer: Poland is the right way to go!

Małgorzata Litwin Project Manager

Gosia is a Project Manager who mainly takes care of sales & marketing department at Zaven. She is a huge fan of mobile games and that’s what she does after work. She plays and checks its functionality at the same time!

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