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IoMT – Internet of Medical Things


The revolution brought by the Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to take over more and more areas of everyday life. This also includes the use of such solutions in medicine and health care. This phenomenon is already so common that it has its name – IoMT (Internet of Medical Things). How does IoMT support […]
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Mobile Healthcare Applications


The development of mobile applications dedicated to healthcare has brought about a significant change in the once traditional healthcare industry. What used to involve spending a lot of money, waiting in long queues or consulting many professionals is now often reduced to using a mobile application. By using it, we will make an appointment, consult […]
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Mobile Apps for Hospitals: Hot Trends thumbnail

Mobile Apps for Hospitals: Hot Trends


The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace. Visiting a doctor without a queue or even leaving the house is now possible at almost any time. Although this scenario still sounds like a dream and an idea of perfect health care to many, in practice, we are increasingly convinced that it is possible. The […]
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How to overcome the fear of hiring outsourced developers? thumbnail

How to overcome the fear of hiring outsourced developers?


There are many legends about outsourcing, which successfully keeps away entrepreneurs. Stories about software that never even existed, despite the fact that the developer promised everything was fine ahead of deadline. No communication with the developer for a long, long time, and then it turns out that nobody was working because it was Chinese New Year! These examples are not isolated. I can only imagine the fear that grips some people when the topic of outsourcing appears! Let’s just deal with the most common fears of hiring outsourced developers.
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